National ACBS Mission Statement

The mission of The Antique and Classic Boat Society Inc. is to:

  • Bring together people with a common interest in historic, antique and classic boats, sharing fellowship, information, experience and ideas.
  • Protect the heritage of boating by promoting first-the preservation, and second-the restoration of historic, antique and classic boats.
  • Promote, further, and encourage a love and enjoyment of all aspects of historic, antique and classic boating.
  • Serve as a communication channel for our membership, the public, and any other entities regarding information relating to historic, antique and classic boating. This includes serving as a clearing house and referral service for all information relating to historic, antique and classic boating.
  • Serve as a governing body and parent organization for such chapters as shall be formed and created under our auspices. This includes providing support for and communicating with these chapters.
  • Inspire and support quality boat shows and related events among our chapters, to establish and maintain standards for classifying boats and conducting boat shows.
  • Educate our membership and the general public concerning safety and protocol as it relates to historic, antique and classic boating.


  • President / Boat Show Chair / Chapter Database Leader - Michael Lloyd

    511 Oak Hill Court
    Fort Wright, KY 41011
    Phone: (859) 240-2645

  • Vice President / Newsletter Editor - Stephanie Davis

    4421 Elmwood Rd
    Batavia, OH 45103
    Phone: (513) 260-2884

  • Secretary - Ted Lewis

    6 Indian Dr.
    Sardinia, OH 45171
    Phone: (937) 205-3848

  • Treasurer - Rodger Brown

    3 Linden Ave
    Cincinnati, OH 45246
    Phone: (513) 771-0552

  • Membership Chair & Fleet Captain - Dennis Ryan

    3763 Dogwood
    Cincinnati, OH 45213
    Phone: (513) 617-5124