Boat Picture Boat Picture Pack of Lymans Boat cruising the river Boat cruising the Ohio River

Cruising the Red, White, and Blue

A wooden beauty playing on the Ohio River at one of our local regattas.

Fun on the Niagara River

What do you call a pack of Lymans playing on the Niagara River?

Cruising the River

Bill Mack and his grandsons Kyle and Colin enjoying their 1941 17 foot Islander on the Niagara River.

Boating in Cincinnati

One of our smaller Lymans was captured riding along the Ohio River with the beautiful Cincinnati skyline in the background and the famous Suspension Bridge just behind.

2021 River Cruise

Ohio River Boat Cruising

Join in the fun cruising round trip from Madison, Indiana to Frankfurt, Kentucky October 1-3, 2021.

More Info

Find our more about the River Cruise here.

Welcome to the Ohio Valley Chapter of the Antique & Classic Boat Society

We are an organization of people from Southern Ohio, Northern Kentucky and Southeastern Indiana with a common enthusiasm for antique and classic boats. We provide a unique forum in the tri state area for the exchange of information about the history, preservation and restoration of these boats with an emphasis on enjoying them out on the water and the camaraderie among our members.

In short: We love classic boats! Come join in the fun!